KCM Technical: Your Engineering Staffing and Recruitment Agency

At KCM Technical, we understand the critical role that a skilled engineering and product design team plays in driving success for businesses. That's why we offer our expertise as an engineering staffing and recruitment agency, connecting companies across the country with top-tier talent that can serve as their differentiator in the market.


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Our Goal: Crafting Great Teams from Unique Talent

Our primary objective at KCM Technical is to leverage our extensive network and proactive approach to build exceptional teams. We believe that the key to success lies in bringing together uniquely qualified candidates who possess the skills and expertise needed to excel in their respective roles.

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Elite Placement Expertise Across Industries

KCM Technical is known for its excellence in recruiting and placing top-notch talent in a wide range of positions across various industries. Our expertise spans all realms of engineering.

  • Architectural

  • Automotive

  • Civil

  • Controls

  • Design

  • Electrical

  • Facilities

  • Hardware

  • Industrial

  • And more

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Support Beyond Your Expectations

When you partner with KCM Technical, we go above and beyond to provide support that exceeds your expectations. Our commitment includes:

  • Thorough understanding:
  • We begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business and its unique needs to ensure that we find candidates who are the perfect fit.
  • Access to highly qualified candidates:
  • Leveraging our extensive network, we connect you with a pool of highly qualified professionals who have the skills and experience to excel in their roles.
  • Thorough vetting process:
  • We handle the most challenging aspects of recruitment through our rigorous vetting process, saving you time and ensuring that you only consider the best candidates.
  • Extension of your work culture:
  • We operate as an extension of your team, aligning our values and work ethic with yours to ensure a seamless fit.
  • Hands-on approach:
  • We are actively involved throughout the entire recruiting process, from sourcing candidates to finalizing the placement, providing personalized support every step of the way.
  • Tireless dedication:
  • At KCM Technical, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and work tirelessly to meet and exceed them.

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Why Choose KCM Technical?

If you're tired of wasting time and resources on unqualified candidates, turn to KCM Technical for a professional recruitment partner. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a respected member of the HR space. Our strong industry connections and partnerships allow us to access the best specialists in the labor market, ensuring that you have access to top-tier talent.

We proudly serve the aerospace, automation and robotics, automotive, defense, electronics, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. Whether you need mechanical, electrical, or industrial engineers for product development, design, testing, R&D, or software projects, our dedicated recruitment team will find the perfect fit for your industry and specific requirements.

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Partner with KCM Technical for a Results-Driven Recruiting Experience

When it comes to engineering staffing and recruitment, KCM Technical is the partner you can rely on. Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in the engineering industry, allowing us to navigate its unique challenges with precision and deliver exceptional results.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you build a formidable engineering and product design team. Experience the KCM Technical difference and gain access to the best professional job sites and job search sites in the industry. With our proven track record and commitment to excellence, we're confident that we can exceed your recruitment expectations.

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