No matter how desperate you are for a job, you should always know what your getting yourself into. Interviewers typically leave time for and expect you to ask him or her questions about the job opportunity. Not only does the cross-examination provide you with vital information, but it’s also an opportunity for you to demonstrate genuine interest in the job and show competency by asking well-informed questions.

Keep In Mind

There are three precautions to keep in mind when asking questions in an interview. Number one is to never ask a question that you should already know the answer to. Basic company information and industry current events should’ve been researched in your preparation. Secondly, don’t focus too much on salary, benefits, and other demands. Your questions tell about what’s important to you and most companies want someone who is motivated by factors not entirely focused on compensation. Lastly, although we listed 45 questions below, you should spend only about 5-15 minutes discussing your questions. Pick about ten of your top questions and expect about half of them to be answered before you ask them. That leaves 3-5 questions for you to ask.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What are the next steps in the interviewing process?
  • When should I expect to hear back from you?
  • How would you describe the office culture?
  • How would you describe the company culture?
  • How is the company structured internally?
  • Who would I report to?
  • What is your favorite part about working here?
  • What is your least favorite part about working here?
  • How does this company encourage employee engagement?
  • What are the standard work hours?
  • What growth opportunities are available?
  • What are the company’s current goals?
  • What are the company’s current challenges?
  • Why is this position open?
  • What are the current goals of the team I would be on?
  • What are the current challenges of the team I would be on?
  • What is the training process like?
  • What metrics are used to evaluate performance?
  • How often would I receive a formal performance review?
  • How open is this company to new ideas?
  • Where do you see this company in 5 years?
  • What tools would I use? What level of autonomy would I have?
  • What are the procedures and processes?
  • What other teams would I work most closely with?
  • How much travel is there?
  • What the typical dress code?
  • How has the company changed since you started working here?
  • What do you usually do for lunch?
  • Do coworkers hangout outside of the office?
  • What are the typical forms of communication?
  • Will I have the opportunity to speak with my potential manager?
  • Will I have the opportunity to tour the office?
  • How are employees able to give regular feedback about their experience?
  • How often do you get to interact with the company leaders?
  • Are employees kept in the loop about company issues, initiatives, and successes?
  • Where do employees go after they leave this company?
  • How do employees work together in teams?
  • How are employees recognized for their accomplishments?
  • Is remote work a possibility?
  • What is the PTO and holidays schedule?
  • Are there annual bonuses?
  • What benefits are offered?
  • What resources and equipment will be provided?
  • What equipment will I need to provide for myself?